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Within the project with the preliminary title «Pushkin-ECOGRAD» (Eco-town) IC Ecoestate in close cooperation with Russian and foreign professionals and enthusiasts of eco-development, business, academia and public organizations, active citizens and responsible government officials is planning to develop the concept and give an impetus for complex eco-development of a small Russian town. Experience that can be acquired as a result of the project implementation within the pilot area – Pushkin town (Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg) - can be used for eco-modernization of other small towns in Russia. In November 2012 the project idea was presented to the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environment and got his endorsement.

The main directions of activity:
  • Eco-roads and environmental-friendly transport infrastructure;
  • Energy and water efficiency;
  • Separate waste collection and recycling;
  • Intellectualization from home to the city ("Smart house"-"Smart city");
  • Healthy and green lifestyle;
  • Sustainability in communities;
  • Other areas.

In November 2012 under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pushkin and Pavlovsk  with the active participation of IC Ecoestate the Center for Eco-Development (CED) was established. Its main goal is to promote the application of environmental-friendly principals and approaches in creation of residential environment in Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg, in St. Petersburg and in Russia mainly through the generation, selection and complex promotion of ecological ideas, knowledge, experience and innovations, as well as to organize the efficient interaction between government, business and the society on the way of the town eco-development. Some members of the CED are already working on the creation of "health paths" in Pushkin.

VTT, one of the largest research center of Finland, became interested in the project, and now together with VTT experts in the field of district eco-development negotiation and preparation of a plan to create a science-based model for the successful implementation of the project and obtaining the relevant financing are ongoing.

In order to effectively implement the project it is planned to create an international consortium, which would unite eco-development professionals planning to enter or expand their presence on Russian market of advanced eco-equipment and environmentally-friendly solutions, primarily from Russia, Finland and Sweden.

Within the project it is also planned to develop the previously established with the participation of Ecoestate co-operation between Pushkin Lyceum №410 and Finnish-Russian School of Eastern Finland, primarily in the field of ecology (separate waste collection, etc.)

Additional materials:

Brief concept presentation

CED establishment prerequisites and concept

Whom we are looking for:

1. Investors:


Green/Eco/Cleantech/IT service and solutions providers, manufacturers and consultants already represented or considering the idea of enterance Russian market;

Development and construction companies;

Local businesses.

2. Eco-Development partners:

Companies, associations and experts from Russia; Finland, Sweden and other European countries with advanced eco-development experience.

3. Authorities:

Local authorities;

Authorities from the areas of ecology, housing&communal services, transport, construction, health, sport and other relevant fields;

Government experts/consultants.

4. Residents:

Active locals, HOA heads, volunteers from St. Petersburg, representatives of relevant public organizations, students in the field of ecology, etc.

5. IT partners:

IT professionals, preferably with experience or knowledge in Eco-Development area;

Portal development experience;

6. Portal participants:

Residents, businesses, authorities, enthusiasts, experts, homeowners associations, volunteers, etc.

Expected results:
  1. Several separate eco-development projects/activities are finished/ongoing.
  2. The effective dialogue between the government, business and the society towards eco-development projects implementation in Pushkin is arranged.
  3. International consortium established.
  4. Funding and all required for R&D of a complex model launch partners are found.
  5. Internet-portal with all required tools is launched.




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