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History & Achievements

The history of the firm started in 1991, when ROST Group was founded and has been headed hitherto by its President Valery Vakulenko, Ph.D. in Economics. Since 2009 the Group began to work under the new brand name «Innovation Center of Eco-development ECOESTATE». This evolution is quite natural, due to the fact that our firm has always given preferences to innovative technologies, taken on challenging and interesting tasks, preferred to implement socially responsible projects. And, currently, there is nothing more innovative and important for society than eco-development.

Our company has always been solvent and stable, even when the rest of the Russian economy was at its worst. Despite all of the challenges that this firm faced, ROST has managed to keep its original office and phone numbers, providing our customers with the consistent support that they seek.

Recently, ROST has expanded and established new branches and representative offices in Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Finland and acquired partners throughout the world.

We were the first organization in the former Soviet Union that developed and published a series of instructional manuals on real estate, including: "Creating a New Type of Company and Making It Efficient", and "Becoming a Homeowner with Maximal Benefit" which sold over 500 000 copies. We were one of the first companies who began to privatize some of the largest industrial, commercial and service enterprises in 1991, including: “Cherepovets Metallurgical Enterprise Group," (current title: «Severstal», owned by A. Mordashev), and “Lenmebeltorg”, food service and catering association. In 1992 we developed and adapted plans on share investing in ongoing construction projects. Furthermore, we have had success with our clients at «Electrosila», the largest machine-building corporation in St. Petersburg, and ROSSTRO, the famous financial and industrial group. Being among the pioneers of real estate, we adopted the “apartment separation” procedure: which has resulted in many satisfied customers. Since 1993 we have attracted institutions and individuals to invest in highly prestigious and elite St. Petersburg residential complexes in Bukharestskaya street and in Pushkin. Our record of success continues today, as we maintain our ongoing cooperation with the leading developers of these projects and many others.

We appeared on international scene in 1996. Being a trailblazer in the areas of quality and service, ROST proudly became the first firm in St. Petersburg that received Certificate on international property (CIPS), Certificate on commercial property investment (CCIM),we established close partnership relations with the European and U.S. experts. ROST was also one of the first companies in St. Petersburg that offered property in multiple Russian cities and also in multiple countries (Czech Republic, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Spain). Recently, our credentials have grown even more as we became a member of NAR, U.S. National Association of Realtors, the world’s largest professional real estate community. Through these awards and a large body of international work, we established close partnership relations with European and American experts. We are particularly proud of our close relationships with firms and individuals in Finland and the United Kingdom.

In late 2008, Valery Vakulenko founded the Eco-Development Committee at the Russian Guild of Property Managers and Developers (EDC GMD). Throughout 2009, ECOESTATE and EDC GMD held a range of events dedicated to sustainability and energy efficiency in real estate. In late 2009, Innovation Center of Eco-development ECOESTATE became member of RuGBC (Russian Green Building Council), part of WorldGBC, and Valery Vakulenko was appointed representative for Sochi and Krasnodar Region.

Among the significant of our realizated projects are participation in the project of creation of the largest eco-resort in Northern Europe (Saimaa Gardens, Finland), real estate eco-development project of construction of a eco-friendly Apartment hotel in Sochi and the creation of an innovative internet portal ECODEVELOPER, which is based on the triune conception: Innovation Center – Internet Community – International Club. Please, click here to see more information on our current projects.

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