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Eco-development in the world

Project GreenHands 27.01.2017 Project GreenHands
Project GreenHands (PGH) is a huge, viral tree planting movement that aims to reverse desertification, malnutrition and poverty. The uniquely inclusive social strategy enrolls and involves every sector of society to work together towards their shared environmental security and well-being. PGH is a living example of how believing in everyone, and providing a way for them to offer themselves, can bring about a cultural and environmental revolution at a scale commensurate with our current global environmental crisis.

Unilever Headquarters, Hamburg 02.02.2015 Unilever Headquarters, Hamburg
Behnisch Architekten has created a new eco-friendly headquarters for the Germany/Austria/Switzerland branch of Unilever, the 80-year-old consumer products company behind such household names as Dove, Lipton, and Skippy. Completed in 2009, Unilever Haus, as it’s called, has fast become a local landmark and gained international recognition: At the 2009 World Architecture Festival, it was named “Office Building of the Year.”

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World population(bln):7

Resources remaining(years):
Fresh water-30

Annual deaths (mln):
Alcohol 2
Car crashes1,3




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