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Potential of eco-development

The humanity has come close to ecocatastrophe. This is indicated by numerous scientific studies. At the moment various scenarios of development of the present situation have been modeled, scope of the coming disasters has been estimated, and what is extremely important, their causes and ways of saving the civilization from most tragic consequences of the vast majority of the humanity’s irrational and even disrespectful attitude towards the environment have been revealed.

From the one hand, most of the factors threatening to result in global catastrophe are linked with the fact that in most cases green approaches, innovations and state-of-the-art technologies are not appropriately used while developing territories, creating and using property. From the other hand, there are almost no social programs for raising public environmental consciousness, fostering norms of careful regard for the nature and resources in many countries across the world.

The way to the humanity’s salvation lies through the area of sustainable development, whose principles were developed in the second half of the 20th century by the advanced intellects that clearly saw the picture of the future’s challenges. By the end of the century an increasing number of initiatives and projects emerged in the developed world breaking the established irrational models of business management and social policy. It is in that period that single actions grew into a rapid global trend of eco-development in the West. Later on eco-developers’ ideas were adopted and promoted by representatives of business and society across the whole world, and by now the wave of eco-development overflowed the whole globe.

Ideas, principles and benefits of property eco-development and social eco-development are already known not only to specialists but to wide circles of the public as well, including that of Russia, but it is in our country where eco-development faced the strongest opposition. Best intellects of the country and the world understand that growth of eco-development n Russia is of utmost urgency since it has the world’s largest territory, colossal amount of mineral, fuel, forest, water, agricultural and other resources. Russia’s environmental condition has a direct influence on the health and future of not only 140 million Russians but the health and survival of billions of people inhabiting the whole planet as well for our planet is a single living organism, where all elements and processes are closely interrelated.

Facilitation of the growth of eco-development in Russia is a project of utmost importance, and it calls for a large-scale and versatile international cooperation. Given Russia’s great resource potential, significant volumes of development, building and reconstruction as well as the well-established increase in understanding of the significance of green development and the increased demand for green goods and services, this sector’s colossal business potential becomes obvious. And this potential will grow in proportion to efforts to form a deeper and comprehensive understanding of the essence, goodness, feasibility of and the need in eco-development that the large business community and the even wider circles of owners and users of natural areas, property.

The most active and significant players in implementation of the afore-mentioned potential can and have to be big global companies of Western and Eastern developed countries since:
а) eco-development companies, whose activities are aimed at maintenance and restoration of the natural environment and creation of favorable conditions for people, are of a fair need to Russia and should be welcomed by authorities and society, unlike alcohol and tobacco companies, for instance, which eventually harm the country and people;
b) it is a rare case of mutual interests of business, country, its citizens and the world in general as environmental problems are global by their nature;
c) the scope of big global companies’ activities is adequate to the scope of Russian territories and Russian market.

Given the leading positions in the world’s eco-development, geographical proximity and similarity of natural conditions, it is reasonable to forge cooperation with European, especially Scandinavian eco-firms and organizations, first of all. The reasonability of cooperation with these countries is accentuated with the fact that there are programs supporting export of eco-development there as well as a keen interest in increase in environmental consciousness of their closest neighbor, whose irrational economic and other activities have a direct impact on the state of their environment.

Here it is appropriate to mention a unique quality of business in the field of ecology: the more environmentally responsible business and society is, particularly that of a neighbor, the more comfortable everyone is. This is exactly why all-around increase in environmental responsibility and consciousness and growth of eco-development business are of benefit to absolutely everyone. The humanity has a chance to avoid the catastrophe but it is necessary to act and reform the obsolete models without delay.




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