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The Delphic future. With the beginning of Olympic construction in Sochi the city started its slow but steady transformation.

With the beginning of Olympic construction in Sochi the city started its slow but steady transformation. As a result, practically a brand new town has appeared in the region with the only subtropical resort in Russia. But the worldwide sports forum is over. And so the realization of the projects starts, which will allow to use the Olympic Games infrastructure to the maximum. In this regard, new ideas of exploiting Olympic heritage are coming to life. One of them belongs to Petersburger Valery Vakulenko, who was born and grew up in Sochi.
Investment and development specialist, corresponding member of the International academy of social studies
The project on the start.
Sochi is the southern capital of our country; it’s a place where the president of our state owns one of his residences. Besides the city has the status of the Olympic capital and furthermore will become a Delphic and gambling place. Isn’t it too much?
The main thing is not to reduce the significance. Ideally, the infrastructure which managed to deal with enormous Olympic load, must be used likewise all year round. It must be also understood that even if the Delphic project is fully accomplished, it can’t be a remedy but just a load for some period during the year. The idea is valuable because of its multiplane and complex character, forming a positive image of the city and thus, by the way, providing economic development.
But along with this, business meetings, exhibitions, shows and other events must be organized. Even the plans of creating gambling zones can be perfectly combined with the Delphic and other projects despite value differences. The business institutions have the potential to financially support the minister muses, thereby fulfilling more actively their moral obligations before the society. By the way, similar mechanisms function for example in Finland, where a huge amount of income coming from slot machines industry goes to gambling addiction treatment and other good deeds.
It seems that Sochi is full of events. At this moment, for example, the question of organizing a traditional carnival is discussed…
The city is a resort center and in recent years has been positioned as year-round. So it’s a long way to event excess. And the carnival could become the most important and colorful part of the Delphic Games, used, for example, for opening and closing them. No doubt it will provide an increase in resorts attractiveness and a new wave of tourists.
These shows are based on the Delphic theme (culture and art) and have little to do with Olympic sports. It also gives the idea how the Delphic nominations (kinds of sport) and the show can look like.
But to implement any idea some funds must be raised and the more ambitious the project is, the larger the investments must be.
After the 2014 Games Sochi is capable of hosting events of any scale. The created infrastructure in its form and scope is suitable for the Delphic Games. Concert platforms, press centers, offices, transport, compact setting - all this is relevant. The sea, palm trees, mountains and snow – the necessary entourage can be found for any kind of participants, for example, the folklore – from Papuan to Eskimos. Besides, the sphere I’m talking about also contains enough money compared to the sports sphere. The involving of show-business can bring financial results. So, a competent approach can guarantee a good economy to the Delphic Games.
Apparently the idea can really turn out to be productive. But still the project must have something to start with. Do you have some definite steps in mind?
I have already contacted on this matter with Christian Kirch, the General Secretary of the International Delphic Council. Along his usual positive attitude towards Russia and its increasing role in the Delphic movement, he has also accepted the suggestion on Sochi. Meanwhile it’s very important to find common interests and forms of cooperation. I wish this project could join together two halves of Delphic movement once split apart. The realization of the idea will benefit all those involved: it’s able to offer the Delphic Games a new quality level and make them a much more wide-scale and global event. Sochi can be additionally flooded with guests and profits and increase its status as a resort and cultural center of worldwide significance.
From history.
Ancient Pythian Games in Delphi at the foot of the Parnassus Mountains were dedicated to glorify God Apollo. According to the myths he has defeated Dragon Python who guarded the ancient prophesy site, and has established the Delphi Oracle in honor of this victory.
The history of Pythian Games can be traced from 582 B.C., when the control of the Games has been passed over to Delphi Amphictyony, the Council of twelve Greek tribes. Since that time the Games have been organized every four years, the year preceding the Olympic Games. The program of the Games has combined kinds of art with athletic competitions and chariot races. Singing with harp accompaniment, a favorite instrument of God Apollo, prevailed among the musical contests.
The last Roman Emperor Theodosius I has prohibited Pythian Games as pagan along with ancient Olympic Games in 394 A.D.
On the initiative of Pier de Coubertin competitions in art were resumed beginning with the fifth Summer Olympic Games which were held in different countries from 1912 till 1948. They were thematically related to sport.
In the first half of the 20th century an attempt has been undertaken to revive Pythian Games in Greece. In 1927 the ancient theatre in Delphi has become a place where the first Delphic festival has been performed. Despite the popularity the idea didn’t get the states support and was abandoned in 1930.
Another project of reviving the Delphic Games has appeared in the end of the 20th century with the support of cultural figures from all over the world. In 1994 an International Delphic Council has been established. In 1996 under the patronage of UNESCO and the Council of Europe the first Delphic Congress was held in Saint-Petersburg, in the course of which the Delphic Charter was accepted likewise the Olympic one, goals and tasks of the Delphic movement have been formulated.
Currently various competitions, contests, festivals, meetings, exhibitions and different forums, from local to international, take place within the Delphic movement.
Resource: http://www.yugtimes.com/persony/valerij_vakulenko__delfijskij__proekt_-_otlichnoe_budushhee_eng/

Source for link (pdf) Valery Vakulenko: "Delphic project is a great future"

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